Nice & Green renews its support to the Milan-listed telecom firm Tiscali with funding of EUR 21M and commits to participate into the financing of Tiscali’s business plan after its official merge with Linkem SpA

Nice & Green, the Swiss Equity Financing firm, announces today the renewal of its financing partnership with the Italian telecommunications firm Tiscali SpA (TIS:IM). The earlier Convertible Bonds agreement signed with Tiscali in May 2021 has been extended with further financing of EUR 21M over a period of 12 months.

Earlier in January 2022, Tiscali has agreed to a merger transaction with the Italian group Linkem SpA, a provider of wireless broadband TLC solutions. At the effective execution of this merger within the first half of 2022, Tiscali will become Italy’s fifth-largest fixed line operator, expanding its market share to 19.4%. As part of its future business plan, Tiscali plans to consolidate its both B2C and B2B customer base, exploit the opportunities arising from “Smart Cities” projects, upgrade its network operations, and especially boost 5G rollout.

Accordingly, Nice & Green entered another financing agreement with Tiscali securing EUR 90M to the company, with the possibility of extending it for a further EUR 90M. This deal between Nice & Green and Tiscali is manifested via a flexible Convertible Bonds program over a period of 18 months. The possibility for Tiscali to request the subscription of the first tranche is subject to the completion and execution of the merger by incorporating Linkem Retail S.r.l. into Tiscali SpA .

With the distinctive financing flexibility brought by Nice & Green’s program, the future funding of EUR 90M will enable Tiscali to meet its liquidity requirements needed for implementing its 2022-2025 business plan, mentioned above.

The robust alliance between Nice & Green and Tiscali confirms once again the mutual trust and confidence existing between both partners and falls under Nice & Green’s commitment to supporting Tiscali’s long-term growth projects.

About Tiscali SpA

Tiscali (TIS:IM) is a pioneering telecommunications company with the highest fiber coverage available in Italy. It provides its customers, individuals, and companies, with a wide range of integrated Internet access, mobile telephony and Value-Added Services including security, cloud, and social media services. Tiscali is also active in the digital media and online advertising segments through its portal Find out more at

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