Nice & Green starts the execution of the EUR 90 million Convertible Notes Funding Program with Tessellis

Nice & Green, the Swiss investment firm, announces today the execution of the first tranche of EUR 2M the Convertible Notes Funding Program (CNFP) signed in April 2022 with Tessellis S.p.A (VSE: TSL), the new Industrial Group resulting from the merger between Linkem Retail and Tiscali S.p.A.. The funding of EUR 90M will enable Tessellis to meet the liquidity requirements needed for implementing its business plan with the goal of accelerating the country’s digital transformation.

The financing agreement signed between Nice & Green and Tessellis is materialized via a flexible Convertible Notes Funding Program and extends over a period of 18 months. The funding scheme consists of 18 consecutive tranches up to EUR 5M per tranche to be withdrawn at the discretion of Tessellis.

Bertrand Schmitt, Managing Partner of Nice & Green said: “At Nice & Green, we take pride in fostering the growth of innovative small and mid-cap companies. That’s why we’re pleased to announce the kick-off of our Funding Program with Tessellis. We’re confident that our tailored financing solutions will help them reach new heights in the industry.”

About Nice & Green

Nice & Green is a privately held Swiss funding firm, active in the European market providing smart funding solutions to listed Micro-, Small- and Mid-Cap companies supporting their growth as partners. Find out more at

About Tessellis

Tessellis S.p.A. (VSE: TSL) is the holding company of the Group born from the merger between Linkem Retail and Tiscali S.p.A.; it includes among its business areas that of Tiscali Italia S.p.A., national operator among the first in the ultrabroadband segment (FWA – Fixed Wireless Access and FTTH – Fiber To The Home), the portal, one of the main Italian news portals, with more than 9 million visitors per month, as well as the advertising concessionaire Veesible s.r.l.. Find out more at

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