Nice & Green has signed an investment agreement with Facephi for up to 20M EUR through a Convertible Notes Funding Program

Nice & Green, the Swiss investment firm, announces the signature of the investment agreement with Facephi Biometria S.A. (BME: FACE), a Spanish company specialized in biometric authentication and digital onboarding. The funding of up to EUR 20M will enable Facephi Biometria S.A. to accelerate its expansion in designated geographical areas.

The financing agreement signed between Nice & Green and Facephi Biometria S.A. is materialized via a convertible Notes Funding Program. The funding scheme consists of 8 consecutive tranches up to EUR 2.5M per tranche to be withdrawn at the discretion of Facephi Biometria S.A.

Benoit Villers, Managing Partner of Nice & Green shared: “A clear strategy, great management and a performing product range explain the sustainable and profitable growth that Facephi enjoys worldwide. Nice & Green is pleased to be its reliable partner for years and to contribute to the development of this successful company.”

Javier Mira, CEO of Facephi Biometria S.A., considers the deal with Nice & Green to be “an important step to continue boosting the great growth we are experiencing. It is time to take advantage of the opportunities we have detected in new markets and this injection of liquidity will allow us to do so”.

About Nice & Green

Nice & Green is a leading privately held Swiss funding firm, active in the European market providing smart funding solutions to listed Micro-, Small- and Mid-Cap companies supporting their growth as partners. Find out more at

About Facephi

Facephi Biometria S.A. (BME: FACE) provides secure, fast, and easy to use technology. Experts in users’ digital identity verification, it specializes in digital onboarding and biometric authentication solutions. It was established with the aim of creating more secure, accessible and fraud-free digital processes; to achieve this, Facephi is committed to innovation with artificial intelligence and machine learning, applying blockchain technology and introducing decentralized digital identity. Find out more at

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