We are

Nice & Green is an independent Swiss company specialized in corporate financing. Creative and dedicated, we focus on small and mid-sized listed companies to help them secure funding needed for their growth.

Nice & Green is owned and managed by two principals whose complementary expertise in corporate finance and business management make them the ideal business partner.

We do

Simply put, we propose competitive financing solutions for short and medium terms needs. We are quick to make decisions, this is the world we live in.

We believe in Alternative Equity Financing solutions because they make sense: quick, customizable and less expensive.

We offer state of the art solutions based on three - existing but refined - financial instruments.

We help small and mid-sized companies to grow

We believe in

Alternative equity financing when cash is hard to find.

Commitment with clients with whom risk is partially shared and success is measured in mutually beneficial results.

Forward-thinking companies relying on products innovation.

Clients we serve

You are a small or mid-sized listed company seeking to increase its shareholder value. Active within a capital-intensive sector, you are looking to improve your sales. And you do not want to be hampered by cash flow and working capital shortage.

Nice & Green proposes a series of competitive financing solutions for short and medium terms needs.

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