Nice & Green supports Amoéba with EUR 9 million in Straight Bond Funding Program

Nice & Green, the Swiss investment firm, announces the signature of a new Straight Bond Financing Program with Amoéba (FR0011051598 – ALMIB), an industrial biotech in pre-commercialization specialized in the treatment of microbiological risk, developing a biocontrol agent for the treatment of plants in agriculture and a biological biocide for the treatment of industrial water. The funding of a maximum EUR 9M will enable Amoéba to start its industrial project, the construction of its biocontrol production site, and to cover its expenses until early 2024.

The financing agreement signed between Nice & Green and Amoéba is materialized via a Financing debt Program using straight bonds. The parties have agreed that Amoéba can redeem the outstanding straight bonds at any time without any penalty and terminate the contract without any redemption fee. In the event that Amoéba would be unable to pay any quarterly installment (the first one is scheduled at the earliest 31 March 2024 for an amount of about EUR 430K), there is a guarantee in the form of warrants that would be issued in favor of Nice & Green.

Stéphane Gard, Managing Partner of Nice & Green said: “We are delighted to support Amoéba with a Financing debt Program tailored to their specific financial requirements. This agreement demonstrates our ongoing commitment to Amoéba and our confidence in their future success.”

Valérie Filiatre, Deputy Managing Director of Amoéba added: “This line of financing will allow Amoéba and Redbridge to find and finalize the necessary financing for the implementation of our industrial project. We are delighted to be supported by Nice & Green SA, which once again proves its confidence in Amoéba and its development project“.

About Nice & Green

Nice & Green is a privately held Swiss funding firm, active in the European market providing smart funding solutions to listed Micro-, Small- and Mid-Cap companies supporting their growth as partners. Find out more at

About Amoéba

Amoéba’s ambition is to become a major player in the treatment of microbiological risk in the water, plant protection, and health sectors. Based on the natural properties of the amoeba Willaertia magna C2c Maky, their biological solution is a viable alternative to the chemical products widely used in the industry today. Amoéba is currently focused on the closed system industrial cooling tower market in the United States and the global biocontrol market for plant protection. In the long term, the Company plans to develop new applications such as the treatment of chronic wounds in the United States.

Founded in 2010 and based in Chassieu (Lyon, France), Amoéba is listed on Euronext Growth. For more information,

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