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Nice & Green is an independent Swiss company specialized in corporate financing. Creative and dedicated, we focus on small and mid-sized listed companies to help them secure funding needed for their growth.

Nice & Green is owned and managed by two principals whose complementary expertise in corporate finance and business management make them the ideal business partner.

Why Nice & Green

As an independent Swiss investment company since 2013, we offer flexible and innovative financing to small and mid-size listed companies. We solely focus on covering their cash and working capital needs out of our own balance sheet.

Small and mid-size listed companies are key drivers of growth and innovation. Yet banks and venture loan firms are reluctant to finance their short and mid-term financial needs. Adverse to risk and tainted by short termism, these firms will charge excessive interest rates. Capital increase may not be the solution either given time constraints and share price movements.

We believe another approach is possible: alternative equity financing as defined by Nice & Green.

Alternative Equity Financing

It offers viable, flexible and tailor-made solutions that keep the company – you – in control. Via subscription of Convertible bonds or Warrants, we help clients manage their cash flow needs. They receive cash via regular tranches Nice & Green commits to buy. We have improved three existing financial instruments, at two levels: lower operating costs and higher customization.


Marc Cattelani, Founder & CEO

Swiss resident, born in 1965, Marc started his career as a stock and interest rate derivatives broker in various Swiss and US firms (Gottex Financial Services and Cantor Fitzgerald LP in Paris, London and New York). During the early 2000s, he became involved in setting up various Hedge Funds. In 2005, Marc joined AMM Finance in Geneva where he became Senior Partner and Board member to contribute to various corporate finance and investment fund businesses. In 2013, Marc was Corporate Finance Advisor to a series of companies when he decided to set up Nice & Green SA.

Benoit Villers, Managing Partner

Swiss resident, born in 1956, a graduate from Sciences Po Paris, Benoit started his journey as a credit analyst at Credit National Paris. Then he joined Cacao Barry managing various subsidiaries around Europe, as CEO. In 1995 he integrated the Swiss listed Barry Callebaut in the Senior Management Team and President of several business units until 2008. Benoit then embraced the US multinational firm Archer Daniel Midlands, as Vice President Food Service Business and Marketing of ADM Cocoa International. In 2016, he joined Nice & Green to bring his business analytics acumen to the company’s value proposition.

Grigory Sergeenko, Chief Risk Officer

Before joining Nice&Green in 2018, Grigory worked on numerous Executive positions in Risk Management and Quantitative Asset Management in hedge funds, prop shops and investment houses in UK, UAE, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Denmark. Grigory has more than 18 years’ experience in the quantitative financial industry.

Grigory is Ph.D. in Applied Math in Finance (Best Ph.D. in Russia in 1999) and has two M.Sc. degrees (Applied Math and Management). Born in 1975, he holds double Russian and Czech citizenship.

Adela Korselt, Administration & Finance

Czech national, fluent in French and English, Adela began her career in the Hotel sector as Business Development and Project Manager in London then joined various financial institutions in charge of Investors Relations and Marketing, both in Prague and in the Geneva area. She’s part of the Nice & Green team since 2016.

Born in 1981, Adela earned a Masters in International Business with honors from the Prague University of Economics plus a cycle diploma from the Institut d’Études Politiques, Science Po Paris, France.

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