Nice & Green supports Medesis Pharma with up to EUR 2.5 million Convertible Notes Funding Program

Nyon Switzerland, 31 March 2023 – Nice & Green, the Swiss investment firm, supports Medesis Pharma (FR001844464 – ALMDP), a French clinical-stage pharmaceutical biotechnology company developing innovative technology for the delivery of therapeutic molecules to treat diseases with no current efficacious treatment. The funding of EUR 2.5M will enable Medesis Pharma to meet the liquidity requirements needed for 2023.

The financing agreement signed between Nice & Green and Medesis Pharma will be unfolded through a flexible Convertible Notes Funding Program over a contractual period of 18 months, with a first tranche of EUR 1M. The objective of this transaction is to support NanoLithium’s clinical trials for Alzheimer’s treatment, with the balance of the convertible notes covering both pre-clinical trials and current financing requirements.

Bertrand Schmitt, Managing Partner of Nice & Green said: „We are very proud to support Medesis Pharma for their future development. At Nice & Green, we are committed to maintaining transparency and integrity in all our business practices. To that end, we have pledged to our stakeholders: we will not sell shares at a lower price than what has been set by the company and we will limit the sale of shares to no more than 15% of the daily volume of transactions on the market. This commitment is further reinforced by the monthly reports on transactions carried out which will be published by Medesis Pharma.“

About Nice & Green

Nice & Green is a leading privately held Swiss funding firm, active in the European market providing smart funding solutions to listed Micro-, Small- and Mid-Cap companies supporting their growth as partners. Find out more at

About Medesis Pharma

To advance the treatment of serious diseases without effective treatments, Medesis Pharma creates drug candidates based on its proprietary Aonys technology for the oral administration of active ingredients in nanodroplet form, enabling active ingredients to be effectively delivered to all cells, with passage through the blood-brain barrier (BBB).

The innovative approach is being appled to future drugs to treat major diseases that do not have effective treatments: Alzheimer’s disease, Huntington’s disease, and certain resistant cancers. Medesis Pharma is also developing treatments dedicated to populatons contaminated or irradiated after a civil or military nuclear accident.

French biopharmaceutical company based near Montpellier, Medesis Pharma is the author of 15 scientific publications, holds 11 patent families and 72 patents, the result of 17 years of research. Medesis Pharma is listed on Euronext Growth Paris (FR001844464 – ALMDP). For more information:

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